Welcome to Dryad Treework, Tree surgery on the Isle of Wight

Dryad Treework offers a complete tree surgery service, providing advice and solutions for all your tree care needs.

  • Tree Preservation Order (TPO) applications and advice
  • Crown reductions, thinning, lifting and pruning
  • Limb reductions and removal
  • Pollarding
  • Veteran tree management
  • Confined space and sensitive site specialists
  • Controlled dismantling, rigging and sectional felling
  • Mobile elevating work platform operations
  • Chipping and removal of arisings and waste

Trees are dynamic organisms, constantly adapting themselves to the environment in which they find themselves growing. Specialising in tree management, we always prefer to work to retain trees where appropriate.

Recommending removal is something which we do not take lightly.

It is often the case that the tree’s crown can be reduced, lifted or thinned to achieve a positive compromise between the plant and the people who live alongside it. Where trees have clearly out-grown their situation, or declining health and vigour show a tree to be failing, removal is sometimes the only course of action.

At Dryad Treework we are fully qualified and equipped to undertake any operation required following a full consultation with you, the customer, exploring all available options.

No charge is made for quotes and advice.

Contact me to find out more.